Underdock Departments is your
one-stop support for industry and retail.
We've got you covered.
  • We serve clients of all shapes and sizes. Groups, chains, franchises, and even creative studios –
    we always find a solution.
  • We are an owner-managed agency group in business for 37 years.
  • We take care of just about everything so that you can take care of your core business.
No matter how big
or small, we will
find a solution for
every problem.
• No hidden costs
• Data security
• Economically viable
• No hidden connections
• Owner-managed
• No supplier bindings
• On a daily basis
• No silo mentality
• Multidisciplinary operation
End the POS chaos!
We make sure everything is on time and on target.
No sweat!
Quick facts:
  • 53 permanent employees work together at the Düsseldorf Media Harbour headquarters.
  • We are in contact with our traveling visual merchandisers 24/7.
  • 70% of our customers have been loyal clients for more than seven years.
  • We manage 13,000 spaces in 70 countries in Europe & the world.
What makes us tick?
The fun of the implementation of great
ideas and the enthusiasm for our customers.
The agency group consists of three companies:
  • CPI Creative Production Ingenfeld in charge of campaign management, graphics, image editing, final artwork, and production.
  • united VM visual merchandising experts for in-store and windows.
  • extract the PR agency for public and media relations, event, social media, and guerilla marketing.